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​Kootenay Lake Gerrard Rainbow

Trout Lake bull Trout

​Kootenay Wild invites everyone who is planning a vacation in the West Kootenays to review our Fishing Charter Choices with or without our accommodation packages.  It is our equipment
fishing expertise, local knowledge and connections that can add adventure to your vacation.

Columbia River Walleye

West Arm Rainbow Trout

Slocan Lake Rainbow Trout

​Duncan Lake Bull Trout

Don't have a fresh water fishing licence?   Visit fishing.gov.bc.ca


Kootenay Wild is offering the outdoor sportsman a full range of fishing choices.  The Lakes of the West Kootenay region are:  Kootenay Lake including the Upper West Arm, Slocan Lake, Duncan Lake and Trout Lake.  They all are famous for their large rainbow and bull trout as well as kokanee fishing.  The Columbia river is well known for its walleye and rainbow trout.  Kootenay Wild offers conventional trolling on all of our West Kootenay Lakes and fly fishing on the West Arm and on Slocan Lake along the mouths of creeks and rivers.  Our full day charters include lunch, generally barbecued hamburgers or smokies.  We offer half day charters on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.  We offer our Bed and Breakfast services exclusively to our fishing charter clients at our facility at Kootenay Lake and we have accommodation partners at other locations.

Let your fishing adventure begin with Kootenay Wild.