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At Kootenay Wild we strive to give the greatest amount of detail so that our clients are proud of their trophy display.

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Kootenay Wild Taxidermy offers state-of-the-art fibreglass fish replicas.  For those who practice catch-and-release fishing, we are able to create a replica (reproduction) using nothing more than your photo's and measurements.  

skinned fish

Kootenay Wild is proud to offer Fish taxidermy, the most difficult field in today's taxidermy world.


To display your trophy to the fullest extent, you deserve the best mount that is appropriate for your home.  

Kootenay Wild offers you a variety of mounting choices for your trophy, and will help you determine each trophy's optimal needs.  

When you come to our shop, we will work with you in deciding the best way to display your trophy.

Our goal is to create mounts with incredible detail that captures the animals character with habitat bases and habitat shields that bring your trophy back to life. 


Kootenay Wild Taxidermy specializes in game heads and life size mounts for both North america and African animals.  Kootenay Wild invites you, the outdoor sportsman, to come and visit our facility and while in our showroom, you will be able to assess the quality of our wildlife artistry.

A quality piece of taxidermy decorates the home and reflects an individual's appreciation for wildlife and the great outdoors.  Kootenay Wild Taxidermy creates mounts that have a lifelike appearance and capture each animals unique qualities. 

All of our mounts are made to last for a lifetime and are designed to recapture the spirit of your hunt.  

All wildlife must be accompanied by licences and permits as required.


kootenay wild taxidermy

Kootenay Wild Taxidermy is positioned to provide central British Columbia with the best in wildlife artistry.

Whether your hunting and fishing in Western Canada, or worldwide, Kootenay Wild Taxidermy looks forward to turning your trophy into a piece of wildlife art to be enjoyed for years to come.