Kootenay Wild Fishing Charter Services

Water temperatures continued dropping and fishing off the surface produced rainbows in 

the 1.5 to 3.5 lb. range and bull trout off our down riggers in the 2 to 5 lb. range . Kootenay

Wild pulled our Bayliner out for the winter months and placed it in storage . 

Kootenay Wild Taxidermy Services 

This time of year we work in doors on our various taxidermy projects . 


Kootenay Wild Fishing Charter Services

As one would expect , with the cooling water temperatures , more fish were feeding 

off the surface , and activity levels increased . Most of the rainbows caught were between 1.5 and 3.5 lbs. , and bull trout between 3 and 5 lbs. Rainbows were caught primarily on 

the surface and bull trout were caught on down riggers .

Kootenay Wild Taxidermy Services 

A new fleshing machine was purchased and installed in our shop enabling us to 

prepare capes for tanning in a quick and efficient manner . Most of our time was spent

in base preparation for full body projects .


Kootenay Wild Taxidermy Services

​Our first archery project of the year is shown on our Facebook posting on the left .

Hunting success is down in the West Kootenay's  this fall . It is believed that due to 

excessive snow fall last winter , our elk winter kill was substantial .

Kootenay Wild Fishing Services

With the water temperatures starting to cool , fishing improved overall , with significant

variation from one day to the next . Some days the fish feeding patterns were  almost

nonexistent and resulted in low catch rates and other days the feeding patterns  were 

intense . See Facebook posting on left - Rainbows by the handful .


Kootenay Wild Taxidermy Services 

With Archery season opening tomorrow , I thought I should highlight the option of having your trophy horns displayed on a shield , as you can see on my Facebook posting to the left , in the event you are not wanting a shoulder mount . The charges for mounts of this type are the same as having a European skull mount done , i.e.; elk $350.00 , moose $400.00 and deer $250.00 . This can be done with old sets of horns , or European mounts can be converted as well .

Kootenay Wild Fishing Charters

As with July , due to warm weather temperatures , fish feeding periods and productivity ,

varied greatly from one day to the next . Client bookings , again were one day bookings , with hot summer days on the water , and were full family excursions . My August 24th charter ran from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM , with my clients catching a 6 - 7 lb. bull trout and 

four 2.5 - 4.0 lb. rainbow trout , and enjoying dinner barbecued on the boat .

Review Facebook report on the left .



Kootenay Wild Fishing Charters

All our charters booked were one day charters , due to the fact that fishing this

time of year tends to be less productive , as a consequence of  the warm water temperatures . 

However we did have a number of reasonable days and clients that enjoyed their day on the water , some of which plan to come back in the fall or next spring .

Kootenay Lake has to be one of the most scenic lakes to be on and our 30 ft Bayliner 

adds to the enjoyment . 

Family excursions are a great success .

Review our Facebook reports on the left .


Kootenay Wild Fishing Charters

No charters were booked for the first three weeks in June due to non business commitments . See details on the last weeks results on Facebook report on left .


Kootenay Wild Fishing Charters

Kootenay Wild took charters out for the full month of May and a great time was had by all.

Our clients were from Washington , Oregon , B.C. and Alberta , some were return clients and some were new . Kootenay Wild supplies all the equipment and clients soon become 

comfortable and actively engaged in the whole operation . My last group , a father and two

sons from the US , by day three were running the down riggers , planner boards , and catching and releasing fish on there own . They went back to the US with their possession 

limit - 6 bull trout and 18 rainbows , frozen in a cooler , and advised me that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves , on our charters and at our B&B . Fortunately our 

weather during the month of May was great . 

Kootenay Wild has openings available in the month of June for both our charters and B&B.



Once again taxidermy was the main focus for the month . No charters were booked for

fishing in this month due to the unpredictable nature of our weather . My clients are

predominantly from the US. 

Kamloops Award Ceremony 

Dave Ringheims'  Mountain goat and 381 Elk shoulder mounts were completed so that Dave could show his elk at the awards ceremony , for the top scoring elk shot in the province over the last 3 years . And guess where the top scoring elk elk predominantly came from - the West Kootenay's - Gods country . - See my Facebook report on the left .

Jarret Moons' Alberta Elk 

Jarret's elk has to be one of the nicest open mouth shoulder mount elks I have done . The mount shows all the features of a bugling elk ( Facebook report ). With larger racks , the neck can have a more aggressive turn with the head held up a little higher and the rack dropped down . This type of mount works well in rooms with lower ceilings .

2017 BCWF AGM & Convention

Our local Nelson Rod & Gun Cub hosted this event and did us proud - they did a first class job of  representing us . Kootenay Wild supplied the requested

taxidermy mounts for this show and set them up along with our booth . 

(Facebook report) .

​​march / 2017 / monthly;

Taxidermy ;

The month of March is totally spent in in our shop working on taxidermy projects . Due to 

uncertainty in regards to weather , no charters are booked during this month . 

Some of my taxidermy projects can be reviewed on my Face book postings on the left . 

Rainbow Trout Replica ;

As you can see from my Facebook posting , from a picture and info such as weight , length , etc. , a replica can be made . Any special requests , such as highlighting the rainbow stripe , and the buck tail fly used to catch the Gerard ( grey ghost ) can be added . Fish replicas tend to be more durable and repairable than a skinned fish mount , and are good for display purposes on either side .

Taxidermy Projects ;

Dave Ringheims' shoulder mounts - Mtn. Goat and Elk are featured . Dave reviewed my 

catalogues , on the many choices of mannikins available for shoulder mounts , and selected the two you see . The Mountain Goat is as white as snow because the tannery tans their white hides in a separate batch . The Elk Mount is a large Semi- Sneak left turn Shoulder / leg mount . Due to the very large , massive rack ( 381 score ) , the mount is much larger that it appears in the photo . The details in the face  and colour variations in the cape make it an attractive , impressive mount .

February / 2017 / Monthly

Portland Sportsman Show

Kootenay Wild had their booth set up at the Portland Expo Centre ( Feb. 8-12 ) . Photos of our booth and taxidermy displays can be viewed on our Face book page on the left .

The show proved to be successful in that we booked fishing charters out of our booth , and have booked fishing and B&B packages after arriving home . The month of May is being booked first and has 17 days out of 31 taken .

ice fishing Duck Lake

To fish on Duck Lake , a Creston Valley Wildlife Permit is required , which can be obtained on line . Large mouth bass is the main event , with a daily limit of three , of which only one can be over 40cm . You are allowed a limit of 20 yellow perch a day as well . Hand augers are required and the ice thickness is around 4" . You do have to be aware of open water areas due to CO2 emissions . Photos of my neighbour Steven holding two large mouth bass can be seen on my face book page on the left .


I entered my name for the grizzly draws this spring and bought a raffle ticket for the Desert mountain big horn sheep being offered by our Wild Sheep Foundation , which I require to complete my slam . I am looking forward to hunting black bear this spring .


I completed the cougar mount display and placed it in our trophy room . 

Once again photos and details are on my face book page on the left . I picked up my tanned hides from Advanced Fur Dressers , my taxidermy supplies from Research Mannikins , so I am ready to start some new projects .

​​January / 2017 / Monthly

Ice fishing 
My previous ice fishing was up north , so I found things to be very different in our region . I was used to driving my truck on the ice . My power auger had extensions added to it so that I could drill through over 4 feet of Ice . You can not use a power auger on Duck Lake .
So I proceeded to Erie Lake , and enjoyed my  day , catching and releasing perch and brook trout . There is quite a difference when you are looking down on your auger and only have to drill through 6 inches of ice and the temperature is above freezing .


​I made a trip up the mountain above me and ran into Tim Faiers , owner of Shadow Mountain Outfitters . He was heading out  on  his tracked side by side and I could hear the hounds baying further up - the hunt was on . We are very fortunate to have such a healthy population of cougars and bobcats and a first class outfitter at Riondel . I new we had a cougar in our area , the elk have moved down and  big tom tracks were reported in the snow . The sound of the hounds brought back memories of my hunt with Tim . The cougars I am currently working on will be a permanent reminder of the thrill of the hunt .

Pictures of my projects and details  are in my weekly Facebook reports on Ithe left .
I am pleased with my Gerard Rainbow Trout reproduction and have had enquires from individuals who have caught trophy sized fish years ago and wish they had mounted them . The price for either a skinned taxidermied fish or a reproduction is the same @$25.00/inch , but the replica is more durable . My replica is available for showing potential clients , along with everything else in my trophy room . My full body wolf was particularly difficult to do because the hide was in very poor condition but the end result was fine . The two cougars are drying . As they dry the leather shrinks and pulls hard on the areas around the mouth and eyes , so pins are used to hold everything in place . I can already see the eye lids will have to be rehydrated, set and pinned again . Once everything has dried and is in place , I will do the finishing details ,likely mid February .

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